Metro Gold Line Extension Monrovia Station ––"River of Time"

Monrovians are proud of their architectural heritage. Hand made tiles from historic architectural periods will be incorporated in the platform to depict human time. Rocks carved by thousands of years of running water (replaced by glass) will represent the mountains and the passage of time in nature.Los








Los Angeles Public Library at Exposition Park, Children's Section ––"Windows into a Forest of Wonder

This Project combines custom made ceramic tiles featuring fairy tale themes and nursury rhymes, and 6 glass pictures depicting stories feom aound the world.


Los Angeles County Hall of Administration Public Counter –– " Unity Through Diversity"






Santa Clarita Bus Stop –– " Glass Tree"







Classic Design CDROMs

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Christopher Dresser, Father of Industrial Design
Owen Jones, Grammar of Ornament
Racinet, Historic Costumes, China & Japan
Verneuil, Art Nouveau Flowers & Plants
DI3d, Natural & Decorative Textures
Direct Imagination Vector Collection
Batchelder Chocolates !!!