Direct Imagination was formed in 1984 and has undergone several metamorphosis as the co-founders Cha-Rie Tang and Bruce Hubbard traversed in their design careers. It has always been about design, art and science, and the power of imagination.

Cha-Rie is a designer of many talents. She has been practicing architecture for over 20 years after receiving a Bachelors of Science from MIT and Masters from University of Colorado. Her natural talent in drawing polished with continuing education from Art Center College of Design prepared her for parallel careers in art as well as architecture.

During the Tech Boom years, together with Bruce and Steve Hubbard she explored computer technology and worked on publishing classic 19th Century design books on CDROMs. Their flagship product, Owen Jones, Grammar of Ornament received wide acclaim including a nomination for the Computerworld/Smithsonian Award. See the website for information on all the CDROMs published by Direct Imagination.

The grounding in history is further reinforced with solid experience in traditional hand crafting. Cha-Rie has an affinity for the Arts and Crafts Movement, and has created a body of work that rivals any hand carved tiles in the market. See for a gallery of her Craftsman tiles. More than re-creating historic tiles, the creation of original site-specific bas relief murals is where her talent really shines.

Glass is another area of expertise. She has alaready been awarded 3 public art projects in kiln-fused glass work. From dichroic jewlery to fine art wall hangings to architectural installations, Cha-Rie brings a special touch to every piece of work she touches.

Bruce is a Renaissance man. He has a Bachelors of Science from MIT, Masters from U. of Colorado, and PhD from Caltech in molecular biology. He is at the top of his profession of expert systems design. He also teaches at the Art Center College of Design. He had produced fine furniture that graced galleries and Craftsman homes. He made B/W photographs and built an amazing darkroom. Before there was Adobe Photoshop he developed an image processing software that foreshadowed the powerful program. The publishing venture began before Adobe Acrobat found its muscles. Bruce used it in innovative ways and received acclaim for "Heroic Achievement in Information Technology" by the Smithsonian.

Knowledge exudes from the man. He is a voracious reader and knows something about everything. These days art and philosophy are in the foreground. Metaphors are especially interesting. How do humans transcend the physical world?

Presently glass holds great fascination for Bruce. It is an old real material as well as a new burgeoning art field. He dabbled with fusing dichroics and finds casting most exciting. Science and art intertwine in the mind and hands of Bruce.


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